‘Everybody has talked so much about their bowling’: Sachin Tendulkar chooses ‘a bowler’ from the current era that he would have loved to face – cricket

Fantasy battles are nothing new in cricket. Imagine Virat Kohli versus Wasim Akram, Glenn McGrath, or Jasprit Bumrah bowling with Brian Lara or Adam Gilchrist. Such scenarios have often left fans wondering what it would be like if the stars of yesteryear and the current superstars of world cricket could somehow come together to take on each other.

With this in mind, in the 1990s and 2000s, when the great Sachin Tendulkar was at his peak, he faced several great bowlers in his day – the golden generation of cricket – but if he is given the option to face off to someone of the current era, who would Tendulkar choose? Pat Cummins, Jofra Archer, Ben Stokes? Well, listen to the teacher himself.

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“If I had to face a bowler of this generation, it would be Rashid [Khan]. Almost everyone has talked a lot about their bowling alley and I have enjoyed it too. So it will be interesting to face him … because the way he disguises himself – the googly, the leg effect and the top spin – has quite a few variations. It would be fun to go out and face it, ”Tendulkar said while answering a question during a question and answer session on his YouTube channel.

Tendulkar intervened in what it was like to hit at night, especially when the sun went down. The former Indian batsman played in a time when only one ball was used in ODIs, as opposed to the current era where two balls are deployed for one inning. Tendulkar explained that it would be difficult to hit as the innings progressed as the ball would begin to soften, in turn, making it a bit difficult for batters to move it.

“When the sun goes down, during the ODI day and night games. I played during the time when only one ball was used. So the discoloration made that particular phase quite challenging… picking the bright side and the rough side because the ball would reverse, ”Tendulkar replied.

“He made life for hitters challenging. The ball also sometimes got soft. Bowlers and outfielders will sweat a lot, and on those days, also saliva. Then the ball would be reversed. “