Exclusive: Rahul Roy’s sister and brother-in-law lash out at filmmaker Nitin Gupta: “He’s dancing on our tragedy” | Hindi Movie News

Rahul Roy’s family is shocked and furious at ‘LAC: Live the Battle’ filmmaker Nitin Gupta for announcing a movie called ‘Stroke’, which would rehearse Rahul as a paralyzed patient. By the way, Rahul suffered a stroke a few days ago while filming Nitin’s movie ‘LAC: Live the Battle’.

Speaking to ETimes this morning, Rahul’s sister Priyanka said: “It was only through a brigadier that my brother Rohit (Rahul’s twin in the US) organized six commandos to go see Rahul in Kargil , and it was only after Rahul was flown to Srinagar and I flew back to Mumbai. When I saw him at Mumbai airport in a wheelchair, the girl accompanying him left even before I blinked. I found out about Rahul’s speech problem only when I spoke to him on the phone on November 23. He was only muttering a few words and mostly saying “Bad, it’s bad”, before I called Rohit to tell him about it. The commandos came to Kargil on the 26th and Rahul was taken to Mumbai on the 27th. We arrived at the brigadier, courtesy of one of our uncles in the army. Nitin called me on the 26th and before that, he was not answering my calls. This is a very sad and heartbreaking announcement in our hard times that Rahul will perform in the next Niti title n ‘Race’. ”

Rahul Roy’s brother-in-law Romeer said: “It can be very uncomfortable and discouraging when someone wants to put your pain in the public domain and that too to make a quick buck. Nitin shouldn’t have done this. What led him to do this? ” it’s just because I wanted to get publicity. ”

Romeer asks Nitin if he has his or Rahul’s permission to feature Rahul in that role. “Has Nitin even informed Rahul? No! Rahul is making a movie without him knowing! How terrible is that! How the hell is Nitin so sure Rahul will play the part he wants? Nitin has a script? No! At least we haven’t seen one of those. If Rahul agrees at a later date, it’s a different matter. But an ad without his consent while he’s still in the hospital? But Priyanka says categorically: ” Rahul has expressed to me that he no longer wants to associate with Nitin. “” Nitin is dancing on our tragedy, “Romeer concluded, raising his voice in anger.

Rahul is currently convalescing at a hospital on Mira Road, which is closer to his home.