False propaganda … without seeing that it is a woman … –

Waddera Corporation Chairperson Rewanth has denied allegations that he abused Kaza Toll Plaza staff. Anand said it was untrue that he had tried to go without paying the toll fee. He said his vehicle with local registration had a free pass, as well as a fast tag. He said he was always traveling through the same toll plaza. Kavitha said her mother slipped from the stairs at home yesterday and left Guntur in a car to take her to Vijayawada Hospital for emergency treatment. She claimed to have tried to go sideways as the traffic was full at the Kaza Toll Plaza. She said Toll Plaza staff objected to this, but despite trying to explain her situation, she was attacked by Toll Plaza thugs in civilian clothes. The poem states that he was assaulted for half an hour without even seeing the woman and spoke in a way that humiliated his driver. She said she had evidence of the atrocities they had committed for half an hour and would expose them. She said she would complain to the DGP about the incident related to the attack.