farmers protest: Repeal those laws brought unilaterally .. Farmer unions petition in Supreme – farmer union goes to supreme court, wants arbitrary farm laws scrapped

Farmers opposing the new agricultural laws have been staging agitation on the borders of Delhi for almost three weeks. The central government has already held talks with the farmers but to no avail. On the other hand, the agrarian movement on agricultural laws is getting support from all sections. Farmers’ concerns are hotly debated internationally. They argue that there is justice in the demands and that the Center should allay the doubts. Recently, the farmers have approached the Supreme Court seeking repeal of the agricultural laws. Bhanu Pratap Singh, president of the Indian Kisan Union, has filed a petition seeking the repeal of three laws passed by Parliament this year. He said the three new laws brought by the Center would lead to commercialization and push farmers into the shackles of corporates. He said the concerns of farmers in the borders of the country’s capital against the laws were continuing and that train rookies would be launched soon. It is alleged that the Center acted unilaterally and passed these laws without any discussion. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has already issued notices to the Center on the new agricultural laws. The center, which brought in the laws by ordinance in June this year .. put it before Parliament in September. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the new laws will benefit farmers. These laws promise to increase farmers’ incomes and strengthen them financially. Donors are assured that no harm will come to them. However .. the farmers are not giving up their concern. It is learned that the ruling BJP is planning to launch large-scale awareness programs across the country on these controversial laws. This huge event will start in a few more days! It is planned to hold 100 media conferences (pressmeets) across the country and 700 conferences with farmers in 700 districts.Source