Farmers Union Goes to Supreme Court and Wants “Arbitrary” Farm Laws Eliminated

The Supreme Court has already issued notices to the central government on a number of previous petitions.

The Bhartiya Kisan Union has filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking it to repeal three agricultural laws passed by Parliament in September. Thousands of farmers have been protesting these laws in recent weeks, demanding that the government repeal them.

The Bhartiya Kisan Union petition, presented by its chairman Bhanu Pratap Singh, stated that the three laws will lead to commercialization and put farmers at the mercy of companies. Citing the ongoing farmers’ protest along the borders of the national capital, said a “railway roko“The turmoil would also start soon.

Calling the new laws “arbitrary,” the petition alleges that they were passed without adequate discussion.

The Supreme Court has already issued notices to the central government on a series of petitions challenging farm laws passed by Parliament in September. These laws were first introduced in June as ordinances of the central government.

The three contentious laws are: Law on Trade in Agricultural Products and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation), 2020; Agreement for the Guarantee of Prices and Agricultural Services for Farmers (Empowerment and Protection), 2020; and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act.


In recent weeks, fierce protests have been unleashed in states such as Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, by farmers who see these laws as a path to their override, with their advantage shifting to corporate bodies.

Thousands of them have tried to march into Delhi in protest since the beginning of last month, in the process blocking the main roads leading to and from the national capital.

Several political parties have voiced support for protesting farmers and have sought repeal of the three laws, although the government has not moved until now.