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MRNA vaccines do not use the conventional model to produce an immune response.

In other positive news on the coronavirus vaccine front, India’s first indigenous mRNA vaccine candidate has received permission to start human trials. The vaccine, which is being developed by Pune-based Gennova, has received the go-ahead to begin phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

The new mRNA candidate vaccine, HGCO19, is supported by an initial grant from the Ind-CEPI mission of the Department of Biotechnology, PTI reported.

What is the mRNA vaccine?

MRNA vaccines do not use the conventional model to produce an immune response. Instead, they carry the molecular instructions for making the protein in the body via synthetic RNA from the virus.

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The host body uses this to produce the viral protein that it recognizes, causing the body to generate an immune response against the disease.

In particular, the vaccine against COVID-19 infection being developed by the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer also uses the mRNA model. Pfizer has claimed that its vaccine is more than 90% effective.

Covishield, which is being tested and developed by AstraZenca and the University of Oxford, is said to be nearly 70 percent effective. The Serum Institute of India (SII) will produce this vaccine in the country.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that Indians will not have to wait long to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. “Experts believe that it will not be a long wait for a Covid vaccine. It is believed that in the next few weeks, a Covid vaccine will be ready. As soon as scientists give the green signal, immunization will begin in India,” the PM had said. during a speech at an all-party meeting earlier this month.

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