Google Chrome Receives Security Repair Update for Windows, Mac, Linux Devices

Google has released an update for its Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux that comes with a total of seven security solutions. The list of solutions includes one for zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in the wild. The updated Chrome browser will roll out over the next few days, Google said in a consultant. It is recommended that users install the update as early as it arrives on their devices. The search giant also credited and rewarded external security researchers who identified the weaknesses.

The updated Chrome browser carries version 90.0.4430.85, according to the consultant released by Google via blog post. The update is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

In terms of security solutions, Google has detailed five of the seven very critical weaknesses that the update addresses. The first is recorded as CVE-2021-21222 a heap buffer overflow in the V8 JavaScript engine, while the second one is specified under CVE-2021-21223 and is an integer overflow in the Mojo interface.

The third vulnerability that comes with the updated Chrome browser is defined as CVE-2021-21224, and is a type confusion in the V8 engine. There is also a lack of memory access outside the CVE-2021-21225 limits in the V8 engine and the CVE-2021-21226 steering when in use.

Among the flaws that Google has fixed and detailed through its advisor, the CVE-2021-21224 has been exploited in the wild. However, there are no details as to whether the issue has affected any regular Chrome users. Information on the remaining security solutions was also not provided.
“Access to fault details and links can be restricted until most users are updated with a solution. We will also keep restrictions if the fault exists in a third-party library on which other projects similarly rely, but not yet fixed, ”the company said.

Users can manually check for the latest update on their Chrome by going to the About Chrome settings on their devices. The browser, however, is automatically updated soon after its latest version is introduced from the company side.

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