Google Drive update makes mobile searching less annoying

Google Drive is a versatile desktop suite, but its mobile version can be frustrating. It’s easy enough to open and edit files, but searching through documents can be a hassle.

TechRadar reports that Google has implemented some changes that address these issues, including smart suggestions and the ability to “rerun” desktop searches. They apply to the Google Drive mobile app for iOS and Android users.

According to the Google Workspace blog, these suggestions include “people, previous searches, and keywords, and recently accessed files.” Plus, searches you perform on PC will now help improve your Mobile Drive experience. Being able to complete a search from a previous desktop session should be of great help to users.

Google has been messing with its cloud storage platform for the past few months, partly in reaction to COVID-19. In October, for example, Google introduced a feature that allowed administrators to share access to Drive files directly from Gmail.

“With the changes in work patterns due to COVID-19, more people need to work even when they are not at their desk,” says Google. With so many remote workers forced to conduct business at home, it is more important than ever that there is little disconnect between desktop and mobile applications.

These updates will be available to all Google Workspace and G Suite users in the coming weeks. Make sure to keep your mobile app up to date to see the changes as soon as they go live.

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