Google has released Android Developer Preview 3

Google has released the third developer preview for Android 12, with several new features that improve on what the company has shown over the past few months. The latest release is in line with Google’s launch timeline, and precedes a beta launch scheduled for May.

In this release, Google has introduced updates that allow developers to get more out of smartphone camera and haptic hardware. On the haptic front, Google provides more feedback options for UI, gaming, and productivity events. One of the new effects is called a “low tick,” which Google said is taking advantage of the latest actuators’ wider frequency bandwidth. In games, developers can now independently access multiple, different actuators in game controllers to achieve the same concurrent or different haptic effects on multiple actuators.

Android 3 Developer Preview 3 also introduces improved camera support, including for very high resolution camera sensors. Google said that Android 12 will introduce new platform APIs that allow third-party apps to make the most of these versatile sensors. Hopefully that means better performance from third-party camera apps.

The newest developer preview of Android 12 also makes some changes to the app’s launch experience, and there’s a new call notification template. Google said that there is a new app launch animation for each app from the launch point, a splash screen showing the app icon, and a transition to the app itself. This means that there are now standard design elements to all app launches, but Google said it is also adaptable so developers can maintain their unique branding.

Google said the newest preview also introduces better call notifications. Now, incoming calls will have more visibility and scanning capability, and improve their consistency with other notification components.

There’s a lot more in Android 3 Developer Preview, including new permissions for exact alarms, better web connection, and faster machine learning, among many more features. You can grab a new latest preview of the Google developer site for the newer Pixel 3 and more, and it’s also available through the Android Emulator.

If all goes according to plan, Google should release a few Android 12 patches over the summer before reaching platform stability in August, and then rolling it out more widely in September. Google has an I / O event planned for next month, so it won’t be much longer before we learn even more about Android 12.