Haryana Minister Anil Vij: Delhi govt ‘intermittent’ oxygen tanker going from Panipat to Faridabad | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Haryana minister Anil Vij on Wednesday claimed that a tanker carrying medical oxygen to Covid hospital patients, who were going from Panipat to Faridabad, had been “plundered” by the Delhi government and said all oxygen tankers will now move with a police escort.
Vij also said given the rising demand for oxygen due to a surge in coronavirus cases, Haryana can only spare the supply to others after the state has met its own demand.

Interacting with reporters, the health and home minister, referring to the tanker, said, “Yesterday, one of our oxygen tankers was going from Panipat to deliver to hospitals in Faridabad. When it passed through Delhi, the tanker was robbed by it is the Delhi Government that is very wrong. ”

“If governments commit to such things, then it will lead to chaos,” he said.
Vij said he has now ordered that all oxygen tankers move with a police escort so that no such incidents occur in the future.
“But condemning gas from a tanker in this way is very condemning,” he said.
“We will be writing to Delhi government officials about this incident,” he said.
He further alleged that pressure was being put on the state to supply medical oxygen to Delhi. Faridabad in Haryana borders the national capital.
The minister said that the two neighboring states from which Haryana had previously supplied the oxygen supply had been stopped to meet their own demand.
“We also used to have supply of Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan but the governments there have stopped the supply now,” he said.
“At our plants in Haryana, I have deployed officers and the police because we want to meet our requirements first. Pressure is put on us that we should supply to Delhi. We have no problem doing that if we have spare supply, but our first priority is Haryana, “said Vij.
Vij said that given the pandemic is global, everyone needs to join hands to fight it, but first the state has to meet its own needs.
Delhi prime minister Arvind Kejriwal had urged the Center “with folded hands” to provide medical oxygen to Delhi and his deputy Manish Sisodia said there will be chaos in the city if stocks are not replenished by Wednesday morning .
Meanwhile, on remdesivir, Vij said that two depots are selling the antiviral and a vigilant watch is being kept so that no one is committing to its black market given the surge in demand.
“We have deployed drug department officials there and the movement of each vase is recorded. All chemists were asked to keep a record of remdesivir being sold to anyone by entering their Aadhaar card number,” he said.
In the last three weeks, Haryana registered a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.
On Tuesday the state recorded 7,811 new cases of Covid-19, its largest one-day spike to date, while 35 more people succumbed to the viral disease.