Haryana reseals borders with boulders, farmers push them away

Written by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana |

Updated: December 13, 2020 1:35:54 pm

Boulder is taking off on Khanauri-Jind Highway.

Haryana resealed its borders with Punjab at Dabwali, Jind and Fatehabad on Saturday morning. Farmers once again used their tractors to move rocks placed on the roads.

Haryana’s decision to seal the borders again came on a day when Punjab farmers had to join Haryana farmers to organize dharnas at toll plazas. Apart from this, more than 300 harvesters also had to leave Punjab, but their move was postponed. In addition, a convoy from the Kisan Mazdoor Sangrash Committee (KMSC) that started with 1,500 vehicles on Friday continued its movement towards Delhi by NH-1.

Surjit Singh, a farmer from Ransinh Khurd village in Moga said: “At approximately 9 am, I, along with some Punjab villagers, were coming from the Tikri border and we had to return to our village via the Jind-Khanauri border. . However, to our surprise, it was again sealed by the Haryana government with the help of JCB and a water cannon vehicle was also positioned towards Haryana’s side. Before long, people started gathering from Punjab and Haryana at this place as farmers / residents from nearby areas made videos asking farmers from Punjab and Haryana to gather in large numbers. More than 1,000 vehicles gathered on both sides of the border together. “

Balbir Singh, from Hansbehar village in Haryana, said: “In the morning around 8 am, the Haryana policemen used a JCB to place the same rocks to seal their borders with Punjab from the Khanauri side that were used on the November 26 when the Delhi Chalo movement began. However, when the farmers gathered in large numbers, policemen were seen on the scene. Once again, the farmers removed the rocks with the help of their tractors and dumped them in low areas on both sides of the road. “

Lakhbir Singh (32) from Ransinh Khurd village said: “I was returning from Delhi after 17 days. When I went on November 27, even that day, I had removed the rocks and now I did the same again. However, today there was no confrontation with the police since after placing rocks, they were not standing on the road ”.

Jagdev Singh, a 23-year-old farmer who had also broken barricades on November 27, was on his way from Delhi to reach his village in Moga. He said, “I wasn’t expecting this on my way back, but now we’re used to removing those rocks.”

Surjit added: “When the farmers started removing rocks, the water cannon vehicle quickly left the site … The Khanauri-Jind road was clear of all barriers by noon.”

Meanwhile, from the Sangrur villages, around 100 farmers went to the Khatkarh Kalan toll plaza in Jind to sit with the farmers of the Bharti Kisan Union led by Gurnam Singh Chaduni and apart from this, around 100 vehicles ( tractor, car and cars) passed this road after the blockade. was cleared.

On the Bathinda-Dabwali road, however, the blockade was partial. “The Dabwali police had placed boulders on both sides of this road, but had maintained a space to allow the movement of small cars, at the pace of that space. A car could also pass but with great difficulty. However, the combine was unable to pass. This blockade was done around 11am on this road when three gallops from Bharti Kisan Union-Ekta (Ugrahan) went to Sirsa to perform a dharna at the toll plaza. We did not face any obstacles as our vehicle could easily pass from that area when we returned at night. The boulders remained on the side of that road and the road was cleared, however the police force was much more than in the morning. But if they seal the borders once more completely, we will clean them up, ”said Kulwant Sharma, chairman of the Sangat bloc in the Bathinda district of BKU (Ugrahan).

Gurprem Singh, trade union leader of Haryana Kisan Manch, said: “Haryana will clear all roads for Punjab if the Haryana government dares to seal them again. The younger brother (Haryana) will not allow the older brother (Punjab) to suffer repeatedly. “

Another farmer leader from Haryana, SP Singh, said: “Haryana has a BJP government that wants to snub the voice of the people.”

Sardulgarh in the Mansa district was another entry point to Haryana through the Fatehabad district, where rocks were placed. “Farmers in Punjab and Haryana jointly removed these rocks in one hour. Yellow barricades with barbed wire were also placed behind the rocks. They too were scrapped. I really wonder why Haryana is trying to stop the entry of Punjab residents over and over again. We are not from Pakistan, ”said Rajinder Singh, general secretary of Krantikari Kisan Union, while speaking to The Indian Express.

From Moonak Tehsil de Sangrur, there is another entrance to the Fatehabad district. There were no barricades on this road, but a large police force was deployed at the scene that was checking the papers of the vehicles and issuing flags for violations as well. Several people were also asked about their fate, sources revealed. However, no carts passed on this side and routine passengers went, sources added.

At the Shambhu border on NH-1, which is a popular route to Delhi, the Haryana police did not put up roadblocks. This despite the fact that farmers from Fatehgarh Sahib, Sirhind, Patiala had gone to Shambhu toll plaza and also Ambala to sit with farmers from Haryana.

Gurlabh Singh, an advocate for Mansa who also went to the Shambhu border, said: “Farmers from Punjab and Haryana coordinated at the toll plazas to perform dharnas.”

Satnam Singh Pannu, President of KMSC, said: “Our convoy stopped at the edge of Baba Daler Singh in Shahbad Markanda in Haryana and on Saturday night we reached the Kundli border in Delhi. There are still more carts on the way, people are eager to move down the Delhi morcha against farm laws. “

Taranvir Singh, who is from the Punjab Combine Harvesters Association, said: “Around 300 harvesters were going from Punjab on Saturday morning, but we have postponed our plan as of now due to the movement of vehicles already towards Delhi and even today there were dharnas in Haryana as well. We are in contact with the farmers’ unions and we will move forward after coordinating with them ”.

Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan, General Secretary of BKU (Ugrahan), said: “Our members had gone to many villages in Haryana on December 10 and 11 regarding the preparation of dharnas at toll plazas on Saturday and even Saturday, some of our members from Mansa, Bathinda, Sangrur, Patiala, Muktsar districts went to Haryana to sit on dharnas at toll plazas. It is truly surprising to see repeated blockades by the Haryana government. They are trying to test the patience of the farmers. “

However Manoj Yadav, Haryana DGP said: “We have made preparations. If we need to seal the borders, we should be able to do it. But as of now, the borders have not been sealed, to avoid inconvenience to genuine travelers. “

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