Has the “brain” Vikas Gupta been expelled for violence?

Current ‘Big Boss’ contestant Vikas Gupta aka the ‘Mastermind’ has reportedly been shown the exit door after getting physically violent with his roommate Arshi Khan.

Several unconfirmed reports have emerged allegedly claiming that Vikas, who entered the current season as a challenger, pushed Arshi Khan into the pool. After which he was told to leave the show as it is against the rules of reality shows to get violent with another contestant.

Vikas became violent with Arshi after an alleged altercation with her. Earlier this week, the two were seen at odds with each other. There were several instances where Arshi was seen misbehaving and yelling at Vikas.

At one point, Vikas had predicted that Arshi would be kicked out of the show, after which she accused him of orchestrating lies. “Ab yeh Shilpa Shinde ban rahi hai (Now she’s trying to be Shilpa Shinde)”, a frustrated Vikas was seen saying.

In another fight, Arshi punched Vikas and the latter responded in a similar way, after which another Bigg Boss contestant, Eijaz Khan, had to step in and stop them. The Bigg Boss had also called them to the confession room and advised them not to indulge in physical fights.

However, Vikas has been evicted from the show, it remains to be seen if he will get a second chance to return and be a part of the reality show.