Here’s our first look at the Genshin Impact PS5 gameplay

Last week, Sony and miHoYou announced that The Genshin effect is getting a PlayStation 5 upgrade later this month. The upgrade will go live alongside the version 1.5 update of the game, with both slated to land on April 28th. With only a few days left to go before the PlayStation 5 upgrade arrives, miHoYo and Sony have given us an extended look at some gameplay of the PS5 version of The Genshin effect.

That gameplay is featured in the video you see embedded below. At first blush, the PS5 version of the game looks more like what we’d expect The Genshin effect to look like, but one of the biggest differences is the more stable frame. While the PS4 version seems to target 30fps, the PS5 version clearly targets a higher framerate.

That’s clear from the gameplay video alone, but where the PlayStation 5 version shines in battle. While frame dips may be fairly common in the PS4 version of the game, the PS5 version seems to offer a much smoother combat.

Another area where the PS5’s added horsepower is evident is loading. There are many times when we see the player traveling fast and transitioning between areas in this video, and loading between regions takes only a moment or two. If loading times on PS4 were to lower you, then the PS5 upgrade is definitely worth a look.

Of course, looking at the PlayStation 5 upgrade requires that you actually have a PS5 on hand, which is a daunting task for many considering the limited console. The Genshin effectThe PS5 update is landing on April 28th, so if you’re lucky enough to have a PS5, that’s the date you should circle on any calendars you have on hand.