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Last month, Facebook announced that it will launch a new feature called Vanish Mode on Delivery courier and Instagram. Facebook started by implementing the feature only in Delivery courier in the US and some other countries, however, in recent weeks, the deployment has expanded. Now, Facebook has also started implementing Vanish mode to Instagram users. Vanish mode, as the name suggests, essentially allows users to share something silly or embarrassing and then immediately forget by making all chat disappear.

Disappearing mode on Instagran

Although Vanish mode will not hide messages sent by mistake, it can be useful when you want your message not to be forwarded or discussed forever. These missing messages will also not exist in your chat history.

To activate Vanish mode, you just have to swipe up on the chat they’d like to send the silly selfie or haircut look to. As soon as the other person sees your message and the secrets you want to discuss are discussed, you can swipe up again to exit escape mode and return to the existing chat header. This also makes any images, messages, or GIFs that you shared disappear in vanish mode.

Facebook also claims to have taken care of the security aspect of the feature. It goes without saying that the mode will only be available to chats that are connected to you. Also, you can choose whether you want to enter a chat in escape mode or not. “If someone takes a screenshot of your chat while you are using disappearing mode, you will receive a notification. And, as always, you can block someone and report a conversation if you don’t feel safe. ” blog post about Vanish mode reveals.