How much is the prize money for the Bigg Boss 4 winner?


Staying in a house for 106 days .. Staying away from own people .. Not even having phones .. At least staying away from the watch without even looking at the time is very difficult to do all this. In the present mechanical life one cannot live 10 minutes without a phone. No matter how big it is to be like that for 100 days. And how many lakhs should be given to those who are away from their families all day ..? No matter how much they give, they say less. Now the debate about this is underway. How many lakhs of prize money is the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu winner going to receive? Some have daily remuneration for being already in it .. others have a weekly reward. People like Avinash and Lasya, on the other hand, receive more than Rs 50,000 a day.

Both of them are now eliminated. Avinash is rumored to have earned up to Rs 40 lakh. The rest of them are also receiving heavily. In addition to the prize, the winners will receive an additional one. That much has now become interesting. Last season, however, it was advertised that the winners would get Rs 50 lakh. Season 3 winner Rahul Sipliganj also said that he got Rs 50 lakh. However, taxes will also be cut. Prize money will be given after deducting up to Rs 10 lakh. However, this time the prize money was reduced by another 10 lakhs. This cutting is due to the corona.

In addition, out of Rs 40 lakh, Rs 10 lakh will be deducted under taxes. That means the winners of Season 4 will only take 30 lakhs from there. Currently, Abhijeet, Ariana, Harika, Monal, Sohel and Akhil are at home. Abhijeet looks very strong among them. Many are even concluding that Abhijeet is a clear winner. Even though Akhil is his rival, he seems to be able to match the runner-up. All in all, Bigg Boss Season 4 ends on December 20th. With that the interest in who the winner is will be seen everywhere.