How to try out Reddit’s Early Club-like ‘Conversations’ Feature

The club must be onto something, because every other social media platform is launching its own version of their live, audio-only voice conversations. Twitter, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Telegram all have similar features in development, but the latest company to join the trend is Reddit with its newly announced “Reddit Talks”.

Reddit Talks will let subreddits conduct live audio discussions that are open to everyone in the community. During the early test phase, only Subreddit moderators can host Talks, but any Android or iOS user can listen. Hosts can assign speaking privileges to other listeners during Chat, and “trusted community members” will be able to maintain their own. Future talks.

In the official announcement thread, Reddit says the Talk feature is for “whatever communities want to use for it,” and mentions “Q&A, AMAs, lectures, sports-radio discussions, community feedback sessions, or simply a place to socialize, ”as suggestions for how to use Conversations.

We have yet to see how someone is going to start a Chat, but we can glean how the interface works from the in-app Reddit screenshots posted.

Like most other Club-like chat rooms, Reddit Talks lists all users in the room by their roles – speakers and moderators are listed at the top of the window, followed by all users take part. Hosts can tap a user to invite them to speak, and there are also options for muting, moving, and disabling users.

The Talks interface is customizable, featuring unique avatars, response emojis, and a selection of background colors. Listeners can tap the hand icon to “raise their hand” and request speaking privileges, and a notification will appear if invited to speak, along with the option to accept or decline.

Talks will undoubtedly change Reddit, but the feature will opt-in once it’s live, so communities that don’t want to allow Conversations can ignore it. Subreddit moderators who want to test Conversations early join the waiting list here. Reddit will be collecting feedback from the participating communities after the initial tests, so we expect to see changes to the features by the time it is widely released.