How Will Lockdown 2.0 be Different from Last Time? No ePasses, Local Trains and Flight to Continue

The Maharashtra government is likely to impose a nationwide lockout as soon as spiraling virus outbreaks continue to plunder the already fragmented healthcare system. According to officials, there was a possibility of a 15-day lockdown throughout the state.

On Tuesday, state Health Minister Rajesh Tope said all cabinet ministers had asked Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray to announce the nationwide closure. “We have asked the prime minister to announce a complete shutdown in the state from tomorrow at 8pm. This was the request of all the ministers to the prime minister. Now it’s his decision, ”said Tope.

Having learned its lessons from the last lockdown, the government is likely to do away with the passing system this time. Long-distance trains and flights will continue to operate, while road transport between areas will be closely monitored by the police.

A senior government source told CNN News18 that sealing area boundaries was pointless. “The supply of goods, vegetables, food grains, milk, milk, poultry will have to continue uninterrupted. But private vehicles will not be allowed to dive unless they have a valid reason. The contours of the lock-up have been worked out, and specific cases have been given for which exceptions can be made, ”the source said.

In Mumbai, local train services will not be closed, but will only be available to those involved in essential services. Grocery stores and essential services are only allowed to remain open for a limited time in a non-volatile manner.

With regard to ticket issuing, officials said there was a largescale chaos last time as police had to issue the permits to everyone who wanted to travel outside certain cities. In an attempt to avoid overcrowding outside police stations, the government is likely to do away with the passing system. However, this would not mean that private vehicles will be allowed to move freely. Point to point checking is carried out to ensure that people do not leave homes unnecessarily.

Only those moving in the city to take a vaccine will be allowed to travel on production of authentic documents.

On Tuesday, another minister, Aslam Sheikh, said, “Looking at the shortage of medical oxygen supply, Maharashtra is aiming for a complete lock-in; guidance on it will be issued shortly. ”

The state is already under a 15-day curfew since April 14 with Section 144 placed everywhere. Although all the necessary services were allowed to operate, public transport was only available to emergency service providers. Health, pharma, carriers, manufacturers of vaccines and animal-related shops remained open, apart from petrol pumps, SEBI-linked financial institutions.

If Thackeray finally goes ahead with a complete lock-down, it would come a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to states to consider locking locks only as a last resort.

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