If Kanna’s father obstructs his son’s way ..!

If Kanna’s father obstructs his son’s way ..! Impressive Bellbottom Trailer Hyderabad: The Kannada blockbuster film ‘Bellbottom’ has been released. Now it is ready to entertain the Telugu audience. There is a good craze for detective movies in Tollywood. That is why the popular OTT platform ‘Aaha’ has remade this Kannada movie in Telugu. The previously released movie teaser has impressed the fans. Recently, the film team has also released a trailer. In it, he said, “Whatever is written, the same thing will happen. It is best to face the fate. The story of the helpless like us who can’t do anything in the face of it is ‘Bellbottom’.” The trailer starts by saying, “As much as a small child needs to flare up .. he also needs a goal as a human being .. while our leader is fighting for the goal .. if Kannathandre is blocking the way ..” About Rs 8 lakh was stolen from the locker of Hemagiri police station. The police seek the help of Hero Detective Divakar in order to solve the case which is elusive to anyone. Divakar, who is already swearing at his father, decides to solve the case and earn a good name. The difficulties faced by the hero to reach the goal .. The insults faced by the hero at the hands of the police in the process .. Strange experiences are wonderfully shown. Directed by Jayatirtha, the film stars actor Rishabh Shetty as the hero detective Divakar. Haripriya is the heroine. ‘Aha’ is set to release on December 11th. On this occasion, the film crew released a trailer. Check out this hilarious trailer too. Read this Detective‌ Divakaram enters the field ..!