Impact of COVID in most categories

Google Revealed Its Annual Search Ranking; the keywords that received the most attention this year. The year was very unusual in that obviously coronavirus-related searches were at the top. Apart from this, people also searched for “Things to do at home”.

Searches related to “How” and “Why” became more popular. People who sat at home during the confinement searched for many interesting recipes, games, and jobs at home. The top searches for trends in the US related to coronavirus were as follows.

In the main “How To” searches, we had:

  1. How to make hand sanitizer
  2. How to make a mask out of fabric
  3. How to make smoothie coffee
  4. How to make a mask out of a scarf.
  5. How to make a mask without sewing

Most of the searches here are related to the coronavirus and the people trying to deal with it. Three out of every five searches are for masks and one for disinfectant. Both items are used as a precaution against COVID.

Top Searches for “Things to Do During Coronavirus”

  1. The best stocks to buy during the coronavirus
  2. Dating During Coronavirus
  3. Open dentist during coronavirus
  4. Unemployment during the coronavirus
  5. Hiring of jobs during the coronavirus

Top general searches

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Election results
  3. Kobe bryant
  4. Focus
  5. IPL

The top global searches around the world were considered different. With Coronavirus topping the list, we had election results, Kobe Bryant also in second and third place respectively.

Top concert searches

  1. Together At Home Concert
  2. Fire Fight Australia Concert
  3. Garth Brooks conducts in concert
  4. Travis Scott Fortnite Concert
  5. BTS online concert

Top recipe searches

  1. Dalgona coffee
  2. Ekmek
  3. Sourdough bread
  4. Pizza
  5. Lahmacun

As people tried to adjust to their life during the confinement, they also looked for various things to do at home. Like making Dalgona coffee, cutting or combing your hair and various games and activities.