India Reduced to vaccine beggars by vaccine leader, Congress said

India Reduced to 'vaccine beggars' by 'vaccine leader', says Congress

Congress spokeswoman Ajay Maken said PM Modi had turned a strong country into a helpless one. (File)

New Delhi:

The Congress said today that India has been reduced from being a world leader in vaccine production to being a “vaccine hoarder” due to government failures.

Senior Congress spokesman Ajay Maken said with over 2.93 lakh COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour span, the government is testing the patience of people instead of positive coronavirus patients.

Striking out at the BJP for accusing Congress of doing politics, he claimed that the ruling party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are engaging in politics instead.

In attacking the prime minister, Mr Maken claimed that he is only doing politics and campaigning instead of doing his job and providing good governance.

He claimed that the prime minister gave no address to people in his address to the nation and said they had been forced to take care of themselves in these difficult times.

“India who was a vaccine leader has been reduced to a vaccine beggar. Modi ji has turned a strong country helpless. For the Modi government, profit is more important than people’s lives,” Mr Maken said, adding that the prime minister has washing his hands from his responsibilities.

He also called PM Modi’s speech to the nation on Tuesday as empty rhetoric. States and ordinary people were expecting relief from the prime minister, but as always, 18 minutes of the speech disappointed everyone, Mr Maken claimed.

“He had no direction, had no empathy for the poor and those affected by the pandemic high and dry,” he said.

“There is a complete failure of government control of the situation in the country,” he added.

The Congress leader also attacked the government over shortages of oxygen, Remdesivir and other equipment demanding that the Center must use NIA and ED against those leaders and traders who encourage the black market of life-saving drugs.

Moving to the contrary, he said that ugly scenes were being seen everywhere with migrant workers wanting to get home and that the government had to make sure they returned with dignity and not repeat what happened last year when forced “over 3 crore workers to walk back and many lost their lives”.

“It seems we have not learned anything from last year’s experience. The Congress party insists that a monthly cash transfer of Rs 6,000 to the accounts of these needy poor be made immediately and that an adequate food supply be provided give to urban poor during lockdown / curfew times. “

Mr Maken said that India has the highest number of coronavirus cases, the rate of doubling is highest in the world and the country is ranked second in total cases.

“We want to ask you prime minister, that India is the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world only about 1.03 per cent of people have been vaccinated so far. If there is a shortage of life-saving drugs in India, who is the producer most of these drugs, then it is a failure on the part of government control, “he claimed.

He also asked what health infrastructure the government has added in the last 15 months.