India, which is being tested in LAC, will face the challenge: Jaishankar | India News

NEW DELHI: Minister for Foreign Affairs S Jaishankar said Saturday india was being tested in the LAC showdown with China in eastern Ladakh, even as he expressed confidence that India will face the challenge of national security.
The minister also said that the LAC situation is of no interest to China as its “carefully developed” goodwill will likely dissipate due to border tensions with India. He described the recent events in the royal control line as very disturbing.
Just a few days ago, I had noticed that China had advanced five different reasons for its mobilization throughout LAC. Speaking at the FICCI annual general meeting, Jaishankar declined to guess if a breakthrough is expected soon in the disengagement talks. The foreign minister said there had been a lot of discussions about the proposed deal.
“For a variety of reasons, they didn’t close it. I can tell you, on our side, we are serious. We wanted to deal with those issues because we thought there was something much bigger that was in store for the relationship. But it did not happen. And often when it comes to trade discussions (they are) like trade discussions between two governments, ”he said.
“It wouldn’t go into the prediction zone at all, if it’s going to be easy or not, and what the timelines will be. I don’t think the events of this year have helped at all. In fact, I think the real danger is that the goodwill that was so carefully developed will dissipate, ”he said.
“But I would also say yes, they are testing us. I am confident that we will rise to the occasion; we will face that national security challenge. But beyond that, at this point, frankly I would uphold my own advice, “he added.
He said that these events have raised some “basic concerns” since the “other party” had not complied with the agreements on respect for LAC. According to the minister, what has happened in the last 6 to 7 months does not really benefit China.
“Because what it has done is: it has had a significant impact on public sentiment (in India). Professionally, I have seen the evolution of how the Indian public feels about China over the past decades and I am old enough to remember much more difficult days, especially in my childhood and adolescence, “he said.
Jaishankar also said that a lot of work had been done to develop the relationship of both parties. When asked about the outcome of the US presidential election, he suggested that ties between the two countries will continue to expand.