International Air Travel: India Allows Travelers to Take Connecting Flights to Some Countries Under Air Bubble Deals | India Business News

NEW DELHI: Expanding the scope of travel for eligible individuals under the air bubbles that are being created with various countries, India has now allowed passengers to travel to South America and Africa from Europe, UAE and Qatar.
This means that passengers can fly to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha under air bubbles and then take connecting flights from there to South America and Africa.
Traveling to the EU from countries with air bubbles was allowed from France and Germany before.
Similarly, India has now allowed passengers traveling under air bubble agreements with Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania to travel to any country in Africa. Whereas, passengers traveling between India and Ukraine can travel to and from CIS countries except Russia.
In a tweet on Friday, the aviation ministry said: “Passengers traveling under air bubble agreements with France, Germany and the Netherlands may travel more to the EU / Schengen area, South American and African countries … Travelers of the agreement of bubbles between India-Qatar and India-UAE may travel further to South America and Africa. ”

India has now also allowed the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan to travel through India to some countries with air bubbles.
“Nepalese and Bhutanese passengers, along with Indian nationals, can travel under air bubble agreements with Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iraq, Kenya, the Netherlands, Qatar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates,” the ministry said. in another tweet.

India has so far created air bubbles with 23 countries. Scheduled international flights were suspended at the end of March. Until these are resumed depending on the situation of the Covid outbreak globally, India is allowing international travel of eligible categories of passengers through air bubble arrangements and Vande Bharat Mission flights.