IPL 2021: ‘In awe of the way he plays his shots’ – Kevin Pietersen says he ‘loves’ Sanju Samson

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen said he was ‘a little scared of the way Sanju Samson plays his shots’ and the time he has to play those. Pietersen impressed with Rajasthan Royals captain Samson’s century against the Punjab Kings in IPL 2021. RR failed to win the match but 119 Samson is still one of the highlights of this year’s IPL.

“I just love Sanju Samson every year. I’m absolutely terrible at the way he plays his shots and the time he has to play shots. His century against the Punjab Kings was absolutely magnificent and he was very unlucky not to have his side over the line, ”Pietersen told Betway.

Pietersen, however, stressed on the fact that Samson needs to be consistent with the bat as he tends to ‘get lost’ in the middle of IPL.

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“I talked a lot about it in commentary last year, but it’s about consistency with Samson,” Pietersen added. “He has a tendency to get lost in the middle of the tournament.”

Samson hasn’t been among runs ever since scoring a hundred in RR’s opening game.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and we don’t want this to be the only pubs worth talking about for a few weeks, so we should be wary of only scoring four in Rajasthan’s second match against Delhi Capitals.

“His responsibilities go to another level now that he is the captain of the Royals, though, and he also has to cover the hole left by Ben Stokes in that mating line.

“As a captain you start to think of others as well as yourself, which can go one of two ways. You can lose your basics and get off the boil, but it can also free you up because you are not constantly thinking about your own game.

“When you don’t think too much about batting, a free spirit like Samson can go out there and start to fix it everywhere. It’s yet another reminder that there is no academy in the world like the IPL, ”said Pietersen.

Samson would like to come back in form against RCB.