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Loud IPOs

22 Public‌ Issues in January-March
The value is Rs 18,750 crore

New Delhi, April 21: IPOs are buzzing in the domestic stock markets. There were 22 public issues in January-March this year. They are valued at Rs 18,750 crore (over $ 2.5 billion). This puts India 9th in the world in terms of the number of IPOs received so far this year. According to an EY India IPO report released on Wednesday, companies in the consumer products, retail, multipurpose industrial, automotive and transportation sectors are the top gainers in the stock market. 5 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are welcome to go public. Of these, Indian Railways Finance Corp IPO is the largest. The issue is valued at Rs 4,740 crore. EY expects IPOs to come in large numbers this April-June as well.

FPIs as a penalty

Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) are showing large interest in investing in Indian stock markets. From September last year to March this year, FPI investment increased by $ 105 billion to $ 555 billion. Bank of America Securities estimates that domestic institutional investors (FIIs) are worth $ 203 billion. Corona virus is booming in the country .. It is noteworthy that the flow of FPI investment continues this month.

Realty is attractive

FPIs coming to invest in domestic stock markets are first looking at real estate. Since then, there has been interest in investing in the financial and energy sectors. However, it has been experiencing severe fluctuations since this year. Both BSE and NSE have provided benefits to investors. This is the main reason for the influx of foreign investors.