Is CM Jagan leaning towards him?

Kaakateeya Next CS Adityanath Das! Neelam Sahni’s tenure till the end of this month Das as OSD in CS office! (Amravati-Andhra Pradesh) Adityanath Das is likely to be appointed as the Chief Secretary to the State Government. The tenure of the current CS Neelam Sahni will end this month. The issue of who will be the next CS has been under discussion in the authorities for a few days. It seems that CM Jagan is leaning towards Adityanath Das considering a number of factors. New CS appointment orders are usually issued on the expiration date of the current CS tenure. But, this time it seems to be taking a different turn. It is learned that Adityanath Das, who is the Special Principal Secretary, Department of Water Resources, is being appointed as OSD in the CS office. Information that these arrangements are being made to stay as OSD till the end of the month and raise awareness on governance matters. Usually such a tradition exists in central services. In the same vein, there is a propaganda that the appointment of Das is going to take place here. In fact Neelam Sahni is followed by her husband Ajay Sahni in seniority, followed by Sameer Sharma, Reddy Subramaniam, Abhay Tripathi, Satish Chandra, JSV Prasad and Neerab Kumar Prasad. Among them, Ajay Sahni, Sameer Sharma and Reddy Subramaniam are in the central services, while Abhay Tripathi is working in the Epibhavan in Delhi. The CM also has no consensus on JSV Prasad. It has been rumored for some time that Neerab Kumar, who will be in the next position, will become CS, hence his appointment as CCLA. However, Nirab has a term until June 2024. Appointing him as CEO would deprive some in the middle of that opportunity. It is said that the CM favored Adityanath with the intention that it would not make sense to continue as the sole CEO for a long time. Das will retire in June. These are his details..Adityanath Das was born in June 1961 in Bihar. Parents are Dr. Gauri Kant Das and Kusum Kumari. 1987 Batch IAS Officer. He did BSc Honors (1980-84) at Benares Hindu University and International Studies (1984-86) at JNU, Delhi. He also served as Vijayanagaram, Vijayawada Assistant Collector, Krishnajilla Jesse, Warangal Collector, Slum Development Scheme PD, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Administration Commissioner and Director, Irrigation Secretary and Principal Secretary.Source