Joel Glazer writes an open letter to Manchester United fans

Over the past few days, we have all witnessed the great passion that football generates, and the deep loyalty our fans have to this great club. You made very clear your opposition to the European Premier League, and we have listened. We got it wrong, and we want to show that we can put things right. Although the wounds are raw and I understand that it will take time for the scars to heal, I am personally committed to rebuilding trust with our supporters and learning from the message you gave with such conviction. We continue to believe that European football needs to become more sustainable through the pyramid in the long term. However, we fully accept that the Super League was not the right way to go. In trying to create a more stable foundation for the game, we failed to show enough respect for its deep-rooted traditions – motivation, decline, the pyramid – and for that we are sorry. It is the world’s largest football club and we apologize unconditionally for the unrest caused in the last few days. It is important that we put that right. Manchester United has a rich heritage and we recognize our responsibility to fulfill its great traditions and values. The pandemic has thrown up so many unique challenges and we are proud of how Manchester United and its supporters from Manchester and around the world have responded to the huge pressures during this time. We also realize that we need to communicate better with you, our supporters, because you will always be at the heart of the club. In the background, you can be assured that we will take the necessary steps to rebuild relationships with other stakeholders across the game, with a view to working together on solutions to the long-term challenges facing the a football pyramid. Currently, our priority is to continue to support all of our teams as they push for the strongest possible finish to the season. In closing, I would like to acknowledge that your support is what makes this club so great, and we thank you for that. With all memory, Joel Glazer