Kamya Punjabi condemns the violent behavior of Eijaz Khan; writes ‘This man is violent as hell’

Bigg Boss 14 is challenging all of its contestants with new twists and turns that are being introduced as the show enters a new phase. The competition has already increased with the entry of challengers and will increase even more now as some evicted contestants will also re-enter the show.

In the previous episode, all the contestants tried to fight back to save themselves from this week’s nominations. But Eijaz Khan was seen turning violent in the task of saving his team and defeating the other.

Although it was all in the spirit of the game, violence is by no means accepted, neither in Bigg Boss’s house nor outside it just to win a task. That’s what has upset former contestant and avid fan of the show, actress Kamya Punjabi.

Kamya took to his Twitter to share his views on the Eijaz violence. She has criticized him for becoming violent and pushing Rubina Dilaik and others. Calling him out for being touchy, she wrote: “#EijazKhan is being so touchy and of course he touched and pressured #rubina twice, it’s just that Rubina didn’t make a fuss about it … # BB14”.

In his next tweet, Kamya inquired into Eijaz and said: “Arre, why is #EijazKhan becoming so voilent, ek round haar gaye toh yeh nazaara hai, task haar gaye toh pata nahi kya karega yeh aadmi .. alright, # jasmin n #? Rubina I hope you two don’t get hurt !! # BB14 ”

Kamya gave more support to Rubina, Jasmin Bhasin and Kashmera Shah and told them to be strong. She tweeted, “This man is violent as hell … haar nahi maanna #Jasmin #Rubina #kashmera Give it back !!! # BB14 “.

This is not all the actress has to say. He also has some special tips for Kashmera and Arshi. Take a look at their tweets to find out what you want them to know: