Kangana Ranaut calls Diljit Dosanjh ‘local krantikari’; accuses Punjabi singer Priyanka Chopra of ‘cheating’ farmers: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, December 11

Images of farmers protesting demanding the release of some activists arrested for allegedly inciting violence have taken over social media.

By sharing these images, Kangana Ranaut has once again targeted Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra.

Dosanjh and Chopra have extended their support to farmers protesting against the new farm laws.

In a series of tweets, Kangana wrote: “The problem is not just them, but each and every individual who supports and opposes # FarmersBill_2020; Everyone is aware of how important this bill is to farmers, but they provoke innocent farmers to incite violence, hatred and Bharat. Cheer up for their paltry earnings. “

In addition to this, Kangana also accused Diljit and Priyanka of “misleading and encouraging” the farmers’ protests, but they would be “hailed by the left-wing media and awarded”.

In several tweets, he wrote: “People like @diljitdosanjh and @priyankachopra will be hailed by the left-wing media for misleading and encouraging protests by farmers, pro-Islamists and the anti-India film industry and brands will flood them with offers and English / living in the colonial hangover. The media will congratulate you with awards, the problem is that the whole system is designed to make the anti-nationals flourish and grow and there are very few of us against a corrupt system, but I am sure that magic will happen in every fight for GOOD against EVIL, evil. it has been much stronger, JAI SHRI RAM “.

Sharing another tweet about the protest of the farmers who were allegedly kidnapped, Kangana wrote: “When I see such disturbing images, I tell myself to take a deep breath and remind myself that the world was good before me and will continue to do so after me. , the world was never fair, it never will be, sometimes all we need is acceptance, everyone who feels the pain of helplessness, BREATHE. “

Tweet from Manjeet Bagga:

On top of all this, Kangana responded to another tweet about the Manjeet Bagga farmers’ protest.

Kangana urged the Twitter user to explain it to “local krantikari (local revolutionary)” Diljit Dosanjh in the Punjabi language.

“Mujhse bahut gussa ho gaye the woh jab maine samjhane ki koshish ki (he was enraged when I tried to explain last time),” Kangana Ranaut tweeted.

Manjeet Bagga had published a handwritten note, trying to explain the position of the protesting farmers and that of the Center with regard to agricultural laws.

“Is this really a farmers’ protest? Take a look and decide for yourself, ”Bagga captioned.

Responding to Bagga’s post, Kangana taunted Diljit sarcastically.

Earlier this month, the Twitter war between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut became a trending topic on the microblogging site. The hashtags #DiljitDestroysKangana and #DiljitVsKangana were trending on Twitter.

It all started when Diljit criticized Kangana for misidentifying an elderly Sikh woman, who had participated in the farmers’ protest, as Bilkis Bano from Shaheen Bagh. The Punjabi actor and singer had also shared a video of the old woman in question, saying she was Mahinder Kaur.