Kundali Bhagya 23 April 2021 Written Update: Kritika reveals how Akshay was blackmailing her

In the previous chapter o Kundali Bhagya, Sarla arrives at Luthra House, but Sherlyn asks her to leave. Kareena insults Sarla and asks Sherlyn to throw her. Rakhi arrives and tries to calm everyone. Kareena continues to insist that Preeta is a murderer and Sarla opposes her. Meanwhile, Mahira rushes to meet the blackmail, but he bumps into Prithvi and his phone rings down. Srishti takes Mahira’s phone and breaks into it to check his messages. Mahira starts looking for her phone and Prithvi, who was in a hurry to meet the blackmail, waits for her. Rakhi tells Sarla that she has gone to meet a lawyer with Karan. This irritates Kareena and she decides to leave the house with Kritika. Sarla tells Kareena that Preeta is suffering because of Kritika, who admits it is true. Mahesh visits Preeta in a police cell and assures him that he will not let anyone harm him.

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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira runs into Prithvi and her phone rings down. Srishti secretly picks it up and breaks into it to read his messages. Srishti and Sameer learn about her meeting with blackmail. They follow Mahira, who leaves in a hurry with Prithvi. Meanwhile, a police constable assures Preeta that things will be fine and her family will soon ban her. Preeta begins to remember a sweet moment with Karan.

Prithvi realizes that his phone had swapped with Mahira and that someone had read his messages. He gets upset with Mahira assuming she has broken her phone to read his messages. Kritika gets upset with Kareena’s accusations and reveals that Preeta is a victim. It makes Karan and Kareena feel confused. Sarla says she has a suggestion and asks Kritika to reveal the truth to everyone.

Karan says that he is upset with her for hiding the truth but that he still loves and cares for Preeta. Kritika begins to reveal that Akshay is blackmailing her. She explains how he threatened to malign her. Kritika recounts the incident where Preeta supported her and went to talk to Akshay. Everyone is even more shocked to hear that Preeta attacked Akshay because he tried to molest her.

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