Leader towards BJP .. MLAs towards farmers .. Situation picture in that party

Kaakateeya New Delhi: The BJP ally Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) is in a strange situation. If the party leader, Deputy CM Dushyanth Chautala, is in favor of the Center in the case of farmers, then five MLAs from that party are speaking in support of the peasant movement. The party was plunged into chaos. Dushyanth has been under pressure from the Opposition since the first day of protests by Punjab farmers against the laws brought by the Center. They are under intense pressure to come out of the BJP and take part in the farmers ’movement. Initially, Dushyanth was a bit of an idea, but later he came out in support of the BJP. Recently, he also spoke in support of the Center. He clarified that as long as he is in charge as the Deputy CEO, he will continue to work to ensure that the minimum support price is a shield for farmers. He announced that he would step down if that was not possible. Dushyanth recalled that his party chief had already demanded that the Center guarantee the minimum support price to farmers, which was also included in the written assurances sent by the Center. He declared that he was in touch with the Central Government every day in the matter of farmers. “At first I was a farmer. My minimum responsibility is to see that there are reasonable prices for different crops. In the case of the minimum support price the Center has already given in writing. It is up to the farmers to decide, ”Chautala said. However, five MLAs from the party are speaking completely differently. Five MLAs, Amarjeet Danda, Jogi Ramsingh, Ishwar Singh, Ram Kumar Gautam and Ram Karan Kala, are demanding immediate withdrawal of the laws by the Center.Source