Learn all about the last Surya Grahan of the year

Solar eclipse 2020: know everything about the last 'Surya Grahan' of the year

Solar eclipse 2020: the last Surya Grahan of the year is on December 14

Solar eclipse 2020: The last solar eclipse or Surya grahan 2020 will be in December 14th. It will start at 7:03 pm (IST) and end at 9:43 pm (IST). It will not be visible from India. The solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Chile and Argentina in South America, southwestern Africa and Antarctica if the weather is clear. Few places in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans will also be able to witness the solar eclipse. The last Surya Grahan was void on June 21, which was visible from Africa and Asia.

Sky watchers in Chile and Argentina can witness up to two minutes and ten seconds of darkness during the day as the moon blocks the sun.

Since the Surya Grahan will not be visible in India, the rituals followed by the Hindus will not be applicable, according to drikpanchang.com.


Solar Eclipse 2020: You Must Wear Protective Glasses to Safely Witness Surya Grahan

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun completely, while a partial eclipse occurs when the moon covers only part of the sun. The annular eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon and the earth come in the same plane and the moon is farther from the earth. The moon does not block the entire sun as it is smaller and therefore it looks like a dark disk surrounded by a colored ring of flame and that creates the effect of a “ring of fire”.


Next year, that is, in 2021, there will be two solar eclipses. The first will occur in the middle of the year, on June 10 and the second on December 4. The June solar eclipse will be annulled.