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Kaakateeya The burden of development charges on millions of consumers smartly based on the calculation of electricity consumption load with infrared radio meters is not to say that many have already been billed for new electricity meters. That meter counts all the appliances in your home. Not only when all the tools are used simultaneously … what is used at what time? What is its capacity (watts)? Depending on whether the calculation is accurate. How much load did you apply? Calculate exactly how much is being used now .. Sending that information to discums. Based on this, the authorities are charging nosebleed charges. Hyderabad, Dec 10 (Andhra Pradesh): In the past, houses were randomly inspected to detect high power consumption. But, for two months, the usage has been calculated and charged with the help of infrared radio meters. That is why these meters have been installed in every house for free for five years. These have already been installed in over 80 per cent of the houses under the two discums. All the calculations for the blow of these meters are coming out. With the information collected by them .. Discums started to calculate the capacity of the appliances (calculated in watts) in the homes of the customers. Work has begun to charge additional load from several customers. Discoms launched a voluntary load regularization announcement scheme last year. At the time, a scheme was announced to give a 50 per cent discount if someone used more than the permitted load at the time of connection and regularized the load. Although notices were given as part of this .. many did not regularize. With this, the DISCOMs started raising charges for two months. Instead of going door to door and measuring the load … Discums are served smartly with system applications and production in data processing (SAP) technology instead of charging. This is only possible by measuring the capacity of every device in our home in meters. The information from the meter to the central server is beautiful … Recognizing that more than the permitted load is being used, they are charging to pay a certain amount in the bill itself. For example, in Secunderabad, a customer took a permit of 5 kilowatts and was found consuming equipment with a capacity of 10.10 kilowatts in November. He was then ordered to pay a bill of Rs 5,473 under November usage and Rs 17,728 under development charges. In Secunderabad itself, another customer was given a November current bill of Rs 826 and a bill of Rs 2216 under development charges. Home consumers are being charged at Rs 1,200 per kilowatt, while commercial consumers are being charged up to Rs 2,200. Security deposit‌, application fee addition.Load charge (for household customers) (KW) 1 2 3 4 5 Development‌Commission 1200 2400 3600 4800 6000 Security deposit‌ 200 400 600 800 1000 Application fee 25 25 25 25 25 Home use Total 1425 2825 4225 5625 7025 For commercial use 2425 4825 7025 9225 11,425 Electrical appliances .. How many kilowatts of capacity TWtLight Tubelights 5 200 TV 1 150 Fans 4 200 Mixi 1 600 Iron Box 1 750 Total load (watts) 1900 (2 kW)Source