Lots of physical and mental health benefits of sex

Of all the pleasures of human life, sex is arguably the most enjoyable. Although sex is a medium for procreation, the human can experience it well past the age of procreation. It has long been recognized that diabetes, hypertension and abnormal blood fats are associated with reduced sexual ability, often leading to erectile dysfunction in men. There is much evidence that malfunction in the inner lining of the heart arteries is a major consideration in heart disease. It therefore follows that such dysfunction in the inner lining of the artery to the penis may also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. Unsurprisingly, many authorities suggest that erectile dysfunction may be a tangible sign of heart disease.

The question then arises – are there any health benefits to sex? Sexual intercourse and not masturbation lowers systolic blood pressure, and lowering blood pressure offers several health benefits, as reported in the journal
Biological Geology. The partner who also enjoyed some had lower diastolic blood pressure. Women who are embraced more often, tend to have lower blood pressure. Having sex once or twice a week reduces the risk of a fatal heart attack by half, compared to men who had sex less than once a month. Frequent sex also helps to improve a person’s immunity. About once or twice a week is associated with higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which helps against infections and colds, compared to those who abstain or have sex less than once a week. Surprisingly, those receiving about three or more times a week did not show a higher immunoglobulin level.