Lucky Ali is breaking the internet again with his rendition of ‘O Sanam’ on Impromptu Goa Gig

After years, singer Lucky Ali appeared on the screen when a clip of him singing his famous song ‘O Sanaam’ went viral a few weeks ago. And once again, he’s on the internet for singing the ’90s hit at a Goa concert.

While it’s great to see Ali after such a long time, it’s also true that the musician has visibly aged with a white beard and cap. Her clip appeared on social media on Sunday when actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi took to Instagram to share it.

On the social media platform he mentioned that the live improvised concert was in Arambol, Garden of Dreams, Goa.

Ali is seen performing in front of a large audience, whose response also appears to be quite overwhelming.

However, the video soon broke other social media platforms, including Twitter, where Ali’s fans showed a lot of love for the senior singer and his soulful voice. Many, who were part of the concert ‘proudly’ shared the clip, as they seemed to have been hit by bouts of nostalgia.

Musician Lucky Ali has captivated us with his melodious voice and melodies for a long time. Or Sanam, EK Pal ka Jeena, Aa bhi Jaa and many more melodies in her voice really do provoke nostalgia, particularly among 90s kids. Ali even acted in movies like Sur. However, he has not been seen in a long time.

Lucky Ali’s music was crazy in the ’90s era and has been a fan favorite. Singers have come and gone, but Lucky Ali is the good luck charm for many who remain. Road trips, nights out, romantic dates, a broken heart, his music has solace for all moods. Ali’s father, Mehmood, was the Bollywood actor Mehmood who appeared in numerous films in comedic roles.

With his album Sunoh, Ali made his debut on the Indian music scene and established himself as a singer. With this album, he won many of the top awards in Indian music, including Best Pop Male Vocalist at the 1996 Screen Awards and the Channel V Viewers Choice Award in 1997. He remained on the MTV Asia charts in the top three for 60 weeks. .