MAA Elections: Dare to comment on my family .. Show me something: Manchu Vishnu

Updated: 09/10/2021 12:00 IST

Nagababu is used in dialogue movies ..!

Hyderabad: Actor Manchu Vishnu is desperately trying to win the presidency in the upcoming ‘Ma’ elections. Criticisms are heaped on the opposing panel with a series of interviews. Vishnu countered on the recent remarks made by Nagababu in support of the Prakash Raj panel. He warned that he would never be forgiven in life if anyone made comments on his family. Vishnu satire on a comment made by Nagababu that ‘if Pawan Kalyan gets angry, the war will be one sided’. Dialogue is very good .. will be used in his next films.

“This time ‘our’ elections are about the self-esteem of Telugu actors. Whoever is competing against me is not a Telugu person. I do not even want to say his name. Where did he come from and settled here. ‘There are many problems in the Telugu industry. Come here to set them up, ‘he said angrily in his first meeting. Not so necessary. Because we can fix our problems. There are a lot of adults here to fix problems. I put one to answer him on behalf of all of them. As part of the campaign he is making many allegations against my family. Since he is not here, he does not know anything about my family. Therefore, I am sorry and left. But now I am challenging him .. If you dare, ask him to comment on my family .. I will show you something ‘, Vishnu challenged.

Afterwards .. Everyone is asking me why Pawan Kalyan mentions your father’s name every time. Truth be told, that question should be asked to Pawan Kalyan. There are no ego problems between the two of them. I liked the movie ‘Vakilsab’ starring him as the protagonist. Our dad loved it immensely. Immediately call Pawan Kalyan .. ‘The movie is very good. “You acted well as a ‘lawyer’,” he said. Pawan‌ for that .. ‘Thank you Andy. I am happy to have big actors like you on the phone and admiring me. ‘ Ask Pawan if you want. Pawan asked some questions at a recent ‘Republic’ prerelease event. Our father will answer that soon ‘

‘Mega Family Heroes are good friends of mine. Bunny, Charan are my best friends. Charan-Manoj-Our sister are close friends. They meet often. I do not meet so much. Bunny-I mostly text. Sirish is my younger brother. Tej‌ is my younger brother though. My current affiliation with Mega Heroes is not. Now everyone I mentioned is supporting me ‘

There is a propaganda that ‘Manchu Vishnu has no family support’. There is no truth in that. They are not the only ones coming forward in the media. But, they are campaigning in their circle of friends. Everyone is making phones. Let the opposition panel do whatever criticism they can for me for a few more hours. If they conspire and make accusations against my family, I will not forgive them in life, ”Manchu Vishnu warned.

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