Maharashtra Lockout To Maharashtra’s New COVID-19 Restrictions: Cap on wedding gatherings, new rules for public transport – DETAILS

Locking Mumbai

A street is seen deserted during the weekend lockdown in Mumbai | Photo Credit: AP

Mumbai: In an attempt to halt the rise in coronavirus cases, the Maharashtra government on Wednesday announced tougher COVID-19 curbs. The new restrictions will remain in force between 8 pm on April 22 and 7 am on May 1.

As per the Maharashtra government order, a total of only 25 people are allowed to attend a wedding event and all government offices have been ordered to work at 15 per cent capacity. Notably, a ban was imposed on travel between cities and interstate, however, exemptions were made for people traveling for medical emergency, essential services and funeral or medical attendance.

Maharashtra’s new coronavirus guidelines:

All government offices (State, Central, under local authority) to operate with only 15 per cent presence except emergency services directly linked to COVID pandemic control 19. Office of other essential services also to have 15% staff or 5 people whichever is smaller.

Private buses can direct 50% seating capacity without standing passengers.

Inter-city or inter-area travel by private bus will be subject to the following controls:

  • A bus service operator must limit the stops to a maximum of two in a city and must notify the local Area Management Authority (DMA) of the same and the timetable. Local DMAs may require these to be changed if desired.
  • At the stops where passengers are on fire, all passengers must be hand stamped for 14 days from home quarantine. The operator must do this stamping.
  • Thermal scanners are used and anyone with symptoms must be moved to corona care centers or to a hospital.
  • A local DMA may decide to perform the RAT test at the illumination point by appointing one of the authorized laboratories to provide these services. The cost of the test, if determined, will be borne by the passenger / service provider.
  • If any operator is found to be in violation of these guidelines, then DMA may fine 10000 / -. Repeated defaults will result in the cancellation of a license to operate until the end of notification of COVID 19 as a pandemic.
  • The local Disaster Management Authority may waive the rules on compulsory stamping for buses arriving from certain roots in accordance with local conditions.

Maharashtra: Rules regarding local trains, metro

Local trains, metro and mono rail services (excluding long distance trains) can only be used by the following categories of people:

  • All government personnel (state / central / local), tickets / tickets to be assigned to the above personnel category on the basis of an identity card issued by the Government only.
  • All medical personnel (Doctors / paramedics / laboratory technicians / hospital staff and medical clinics etc). Tickets / tickets are issued on the basis of an ID card issued by the medical institution concerned.
  • Any people who need medical treatment or people with special disabilities and one person who goes with the needy.
  • State or local government-owned public buses must own 50 percent of capacity with no fixed passengers.

Rules of marriage function

The wedding ceremony can only take place as a single event in a single hall that does not extend beyond 2 hours with a maximum of 25 people attending. Any family found to be violating the suspensions or not following these in letter and spirit can be fined Rs 50000 / -, and any location that is misused or defective in the spirit of the restrictions close before Covid 19 is announced as disaster continues in force.

Rules regarding the transport of private passengers

Private passenger transport, with the exception of buses, can only lead to a driver for emergency or essential services or legitimate reasons, as well as seating capacity. These are not expected to be inter-district or inter-city and should be limited to the residential city of travelers. Between district or inter-city
travel is only allowed if necessary for performing an essential service or in the event of medical emergencies or attending unavoidable events such as funerals or serious family illness. Anyone who violates the order in letter or spirit can be punished by a fine of Rs 10000 / -.

Maharashtra is witnessing massive surge in COVID-19 cases

Maharashtra has witnessed a massive surge in COVID-19 cases. Despite the fact that the state has reported over 50,000 coronavirus cases every day in the past two weeks, people have been throwing COVID-19 protocols in place to curb the threat.

Maharashtra on Wednesday recorded 67,468 fresh COVID-19 cases, taking its count beyond the 40 lakh mark. With 568 more patients succumbing to the deadly infectious virus, the death toll increased to 61,911.

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh tope said on Tuesday that all cabinet ministers had expressed a view in favor of a drastic shutdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In an attempt to curb the coronavirus outbreak, the Maharashtra government on April 20 ordered that grocery and food stores remain open between 7 am and 11 am until May 1 only.

“All grocery stores, vegetables, fruit sellers, dairies, bakeries, confectionery, all kinds of food outlets including chicken, mutton, poultry, fish and eggs, agricultural and farm produce related shops, feed stores pet, stores associated with materials for an upcoming rainy season will remain open between 7 am and 11 am ”the order read.

Mumbai records 7,684 new COVID-19 cases

Mumbai reported 7,684 new COVID-19 cases today, taking its count to 6,01,590. Sixty-two patients succumbed to the infection in the last 24 hours, says Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

In line with the BMC bulletin, 9,790 more patients were discharged from hospital during the day, pushing the number of people recovered to 5,03,053.

Currently, Mumbai has 84,743 active coronavirus cases.