Maharashtra’s New Covid Curbs: See What Has Changed

Maharashtra's New Covid Curbs: See What Has Changed

Maharashtra announced a series of new curbs on Wednesday. (FILE)


The Maharashtra government has forced tough new measures to break the COVID-19 transmission chain and curb the rising incidences. The new restrictions under the state government’s “Break-the-Chain” program will take effect from Thursday 8 pm and will remain in effect until 7 am on May 1, the
said the notice. Maharashtra reported on Wednesday that there were 568 deaths due to the coronavirus, registering its highest-ever one-day spike when counting deaths. It also recorded 67,468 new cases in 24 hours.

The new measures are:

  • All government offices (state, central and local authority) to operate with only 15 per cent attendance excluding emergency services.
  • Wedding ceremonies to be held as a single event that does not extend beyond two hours with only 25 people in attendance. A fine of Rs 50,000 will be imposed for throwing the suspensions
  • Private vehicles except buses can only run for emergency or essential services. A fine of Rs 10,000 to those found ordering the reservation
  • Private buses can run with 50% space with no fixed passengers
  • Government and medical personnel are allowed to use local train, metro rail services
  • Government-owned buses to run with 50 per cent capacity with no fixed passengers.