Malicious software creators used Facebook ads to deceive users into downloading this fake Clubhouse app for Windows

Clubhouse, the social audio app that took the world by storm last year in the midst of the pandemic, has seen its fair share of controversy. These range from researchers finding that the app reveals raw audio to Chinese servers, to users who discover there is no easy way to delete their accounts. It has now emerged that hackers are spreading fake Club apps for PC, through fake ads on Facebook.

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Malicious software creators have been busy capitalizing on the growing popularity of Clubhouse, creating what they claim is a Club client for PCs and then promoting those ads on Facebook to get users placed the app, according to TechCrunch. The app, unfortunately, contains links to web pages that were deceiving as the Club’s official website and offered users the ability to “download the latest Club app for Windows” which would install the malicious software on their systems.

The site also reportedly includes a photo of the Club app that exists for desktops, as the malicious software creators visualize. Once users download and install the malicious app, it connects to a “command and control” server to perform various tasks. Reportedly, running the app inside a secure “sandbox” revealed that the app was trying to infect a computer with ransomware.

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Looks like the servers and website for the fake Club apps are now offline, but that doesn’t mean users shouldn’t care. To begin with, never click links to software you receive via emails or see them in ads. Always Google the application you are interested in, as you are most likely to find the official link this way. Users must also remember that Clubhouse is only available on iPhones running Apple’s iOS software, and it still works on an app for Android, so an official desktop version is unlikely to arrive in the near future.