Man Met Girlfriend On Instagram Eliminates Her Family Nagpur


Mumbai: Atrocities have taken place in Maharashtra. The young man who brutally killed his girlfriend’s younger brother and grandmother. He later committed suicide. Details .. Moin Khan (22) from Mominpura in Nagpur got acquainted with a girl named Gunjan on social media in November last year. In the process, a friendship developed between the two. Often talking on the phone. Gunjan introduced Moin to his family as his friend. But years later the two fell in love.

Upon learning of this, the Gunjan family alerted Moin Khan. She was given a warning to stay away or face dire consequences. They also sent Gunjan to their relatives’ house. Aware of this, Moin Khan went to his girlfriend’s house on Thursday afternoon. Gunjan’s younger brother (10) and grandmother Pramila Maruti Dharve (70) were at home at the time. When they refused to give details about Gunjan, he stabbed the two with a knife and fled. (Read: Hemanath kills film ..)

Moin Khan was found dead at the Mankapur Area Railway track the same night. Police, who registered a case on the incident, said Moin Khan had committed suicide by hitting a train after killing Gunjan’s family members. It was revealed that the case is being investigated in depth. It is believed that the love affair led to these atrocities.