Manisharma music into the NTR fights project

Mani Sharma to repeat for NTR s next Koratala Siva Film

After RRR, Young Tiger NTR is all set to make its 30th film in the upcoming movie Koratala Shiva Combination. There is a lot of news circulating about heroines and music directors. The latest news is that Manisharma has been fixed for this movie. In the film industry, once the rapo is successful, those combinations keep repeating themselves. It could be a hero heroine, it could be a hero director, it could be a music director. Once in sync though it will explode like that. That is why Koratala Shiva used to include Devi Sri Prasad in his films from the beginning. Devi Sri Prasad provided catchy music and background music to suit the taste of Koratala Shiva. The movie Koratala means that the songs are definitely good.

As a director with a taste for music, he has a reputation among the audience for his struggles. So now the fights have slightly changed the route. Melody Brahma fielded Manisharma for the film Acharya. Manisharma has also prepared special tunes for Chiranjeevi fights. The song Lahe Lahe in it is already dusting off. With this single song the expectations on Acharya’s album increased. However, it seems that Manisharma’s performance in Acharya’s film has turned into a fight. Hence the news that Koratala is also composing music for his next film with Manisharma. It is known that NTR is planning a big fight for the 30th movie. An official announcement has already been made. Information that fights as a good emotional and message oriented film revolving around politics. It seems that Manisharma is preparing to give catchy tunes to this movie. It is known that there are many super hit movies in the NTR Manisharma combo.