Marico Founder Harsh Mariwala Tweet Cute Video About Toddlers

New Delhi: After our parents in life .. Some people who look after us like they envy us. They can be blood relatives or friends. Like parents, they take care of us. If such a person is our friend .. he will be our companion for the rest of our lives. If the same person is our older brother .. there is no need to say anymore.

Because there are people in our society who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their younger sisters and brothers. The love and affection that Anna shows for her sister in particular is infinite. That is why every girl .. wants to be good if she has an older brother with some occasion in life. If you watch this video .. we really feel lucky to have such a friend, Anno.
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Entrepreneur and Marico founder Harsh Mariwala shared a video on his Twitter. The details of where and what the area is are not known. It is raining in the video. A car is parked on the road. Meanwhile, a child is seen running from a distance. The child has a sin in his hand. As it was raining outside, the baby was put inside the T-shirt to keep the baby from getting wet. The boy ran and sat in the car.
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After that he takes out the sin and corrects the disturbed head. The love and care that the child showed for sin is moving everyone. Netizens who have seen this video are commenting that they are really lucky to have such a friend and companion. This video right now Social‌ mediaThe tribe is at loggerheads. It has already been viewed by over 2.3 million people.

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