Max Hospital to Delhi High Court for Oxygen

Delhi: Max Hospital has approached the Delhi High Court for oxygen supply. The court was asked to order an emergency supply of oxygen to their hospital in Delhi. Asked to instruct the center to provide oxygen as the oxygen reserves are not more than 3 hours. The Delhi High Court held an urgent hearing on the petition. Instructed the Center to discontinue the supply of oxygen for industrial purposes. The High Court has expressed dissatisfaction over the provision of oxygen to the steel and petroleum industries under the present circumstances.

The Delhi High Court questioned the Center on why the central government was not waking up despite the ongoing corona epidemic in the country. She expressed impatience that the orders given yesterday on oxygen shortage were not complied with. Questioned how conditions at the field level were being ignored. Max immediately ordered the hospital to take steps to ensure oxygen. He said the onus was on the central government to see to it that there was no shortage of oxygen. The Center has been directed to divert oxygen from the steel and petroleum industries to hospitals if necessary. The Delhi High Court has directed the steel industry to make oxygen available.