Mexico, Poland is finding fake Pfizer coronavirus vaccines

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21 April 2021 | 9:03 PM

Abuja, April 21 (UNI) At least two law enforcement officers have been killed and several others injured during an attack on a police station in the southern state of Enugu in Nigeria, the media reported on Wednesday.

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21 April 2021 | 8:20 PM

Washington, April 21 (UNI) Darnella Frazier, the teenager who filmed the video of the murder of George Floyd, should win the Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine said Wednesday.

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Putin says he will find 'disproportionate' ways to protect interests if 'red lines cross'21 April 2021 | 6:55 PM

Moscow, April 21 (UNI) warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday against crossing the “red lines” and said Moscow will define red lines in relation to other countries on its own in each individual case.

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Dozens congregate at the spot where George Floyd died nearly a year ago, to pay tribute21 April 2021 | 10:13 AM

Minneapolis, April 21 (UNI) Dozens gathered near a convenience store in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died nearly a year ago, to pay tribute to the African American and celebrate a court decision to convict a policeman for his murder.

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Jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts of George Floyd murder21 April 2021 | 9:04 AM

Washington, April 21 (UNI) A U.S. jury in the state of Minnesota on Tuesday found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of the African-American murder of George Floyd.

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