Mission Bhagiratha Water Bottles

© Provided by Namaste Telangana Mission‌ Bhagiratha Water‌ Bottles‌ RWS‌ Officers Experiment Sirisilla Distributed at ZP Conference: So far we see only mineral‌ water మిన bottles belonging to various companies. But for the first time in Sirisilla, the Telangana state government made the Mission Bhagiratha water bottles available. The government has in the past directed that Mission Bhagiratha water should be provided as drinking water to government functions, meetings, public representatives and officials participating in the ambitious mission undertaken by CM KCR Bhagiratha. During the Zilla Parishad Plenary Session in Sirisilla on Wednesday, RWS-Mission Bhagiratha officials made about 500 bottles of water experimentally with Bhagiratha water. Bottles with the logo ‘Mission Bhagiratha Drinking Water’ with the logo of the Telangana government are attractively made for them. Collector Krishnabhaskara, who came to the house, drank the water and expressed his satisfaction. Officials and members of the public also praised Arvo Water for being better. RWS told EE Janaki that Mission Bhagiratha water is of better quality than Arvovater and purifies and provides living water.


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