Mobile announced at The Game Awards 2020

Last night at The Game Awards 2020, the avalanche of video game ads surprised everyone. From an untitled Massive effect paying to Ark II, there was something for every fan. In addition to the abundance of updates and new titles, SQUARE ENIX revealed their new adventure with Just cause: mobile.

Mercenary Mayhem On-The-Go with Just cause: mobile

This next action shooter will see you rise through the ranks as its very own parachute shooting mercenary. By teaming up with (or fighting against) other players, you’ll gather a variety of enhancements to aid you in your enduring enmity against the Darkwater organization.

All expected ingredients are in Just cause: mobile. You can shoot tanks, fight a storm of flying bullets, and activate your wingsuit as you explore the mountains. The full package at the game’s launch will come with four modes: Story Campaign, Triple Threat Multiplayer, Co-op Missions, and Challenge Mode. The story will follow your unique character as the newest member of the Agency as you form alliances with familiar faces to take down Darkwater. Triple Threat sees three teams of 10 players fighting and securing bases. Cooperative mode pits a team of four against waves of intense enemies. And finally, Challenge Mode allows players to develop their skills in the Destruction, Wingsuit, and Race challenges. You can also form clans to earn additional rewards for your efforts during the game.

The aforementioned modes can be seen in the official trailer of Just cause: mobile. Backed up with an adrenaline-pumping rock-n-roll tune, the trailer delivers high-flying action with character shootouts, helicopter assaults, grappling hooks, and plenty of explosions.

Just Cause: Mobile Squad

Just cause: mobile will be released next year for iOS and Android. The free action title will be the first of the franchise for mobile platforms. Are you excited to cause trouble on the go with Just cause: mobile? Which announcement from The Game Awards was your favorite? Tell me what you think in the comments below!