Mom turns her daughter’s dirty sock into an “art show.” The boy does this, it’s viral

Parents often have to deal with the difficulty of finding children’s dirty laundry thrown around the house. Mom Xep Campbell faced the same scenario with her 10-year-old daughter Kestrel. So, she came up with a hilariously creative idea for her daughter to realize that it’s time to do her homework on her own. She created an ‘art display’ using the boy’s dirty sock. However, the young man improved the game and did something that has now left people laughing out loud.

Campbell took to Facebook to share the entire incident and his post has now gone viral with over 1.4 lakh shares. He wrote that on Thanksgiving night he noticed that the sock was lying on the bathroom floor. Instead of picking it up, he left it there to see if the girl does it alone. A week passed and Campbell found him where he last saw him.

“So I decided that it had to be intentional and deserved recognition as such. I made this little label in the hope that it would motivate her to choose it, ”she wrote. Instead, he received a text message from his daughter asking if she was the artist behind the artwork. The girl then informed her mother that she had made a pedestal to give proper recognition to her mother’s ‘work of art’.

“He texted me asking if he had. When I got home, he said, “I made him a pedestal!” She played my shame. I thought that while it was on display, it deserved an audience, so the farmyard animals came. They find it very fascinating, ”added Campbell.

This sweet mother-daughter story soon won over people and several began commenting on the post. Later in an update, Campbell wrote that she is overwhelmed by the sweet messages and love she received in her post on “The Forgotten Sock.” He also posted a few words about how he shares a wonderful relationship with his daughter.

Seizing the opportunity of the post’s viral status, Campbell also took a step to do something nice for others. She added a link for donation in her post for an organization that makes therapy accessible to children in need.

Take a look at the full post which comes complete with several images of the ‘artwork’. In addition to the animals and the sock, some of the images also show a small replica of something that has been making headlines around the world: a monolith.

People couldn’t control their laughter over the whole thing. They expressed the same when commenting on the publication.

“You really made me smile… thank you. And I love you and your daughter for the absurdity, ”wrote a Facebook user. “OMG … it’s so much fun,” shared another. “Fabulous !! I laughed out loud when the animals appeared,” commented a third. “What an amazing response from a 10yo. Bravo, ladies! Especially for the monolith. Very in the moment!” Said a fourth.

What do you think of this sweet mother-daughter story?