Mrs. Niha: The only nebula-consciousness with marriage

Mrs. Niha: The only nebula-consciousness with marriage

Mega Daughter Nebula Knots, no longer Mrs. Nebula. Not long ago Chaitanya Jonnalagadda put three jumps on her neck. The nebulous wedding ceremony at the resort in Udaipur ended on a high note.

Wedding ceremonies have gained momentum since yesterday evening. Mehndi function, all the mega family members made a full commotion with music. Videos of Chiranjeevi and Charan dancing went viral on social media.

This morning, the Haldi function and the events that Niha was dressed as the bride were held. Here, too, the video of the Haldi function went viral. The scenes where Saitej teases Nebula attracted everyone.

Nagababu sat Chaitanya on the wedding table and washed his feet. Niha-Chaitanya’s marriage took place with cumin-jaggery on the head at exactly 7 hours 15 minutes. Along with mega heroes .. Rituvarma and Lavanya Tripathi made a fuss at this wedding ceremony. Nebula, Ritu Verma are close friends. Lavanya Tripathi is the gym mate for Nebula.

On the other hand, fans of mega heroes are trending by cropping photos of their heroes in groups. Pawan fans are trending the photo where only he is seen .. Bunny fans have started viralizing the photo of their hero appearing. With a total nebulous wedding all the mega heroes once again came on the same stage.

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