Mumbai police have shared a childish video titled ‘Are Mat Karo Yaar’


Mumbai: Mumbai police impress netizens with innovative posts on social media Recently, a video shared by the tribe warning those who come out without wearing a mask is impressive. Corona is performing in Mumbai. Counted cases are coming to light.

Crowds don’t count though. Arbitrarily coming onto the roads with or without need and acting recklessly. Kovid is right not to follow the rules, at least not to wear a mask. No matter how hard the police try, they will not be ignored. Mumbai police have issued a stern warning to netizens by sharing an amazing video.

A childish video recently went viral on Instagram. It is a video of a child named Anushrut getting a haircut. Anushrut’s father shared the video. He shows childish impatience with the barber who is cutting him, and says with pictorial facial expressions, ‘Are you going to do that?’

The video rocked social media last month. Celebrities also retweeted this video. Police have recently shared a part of this video aimed at Mumbaikars coming out without a mask. The intent of the police is to tell them that they will get in trouble if they come out without wearing a mask. Police have sensitively warned that doing things like coming out without a mask is ‘mat karo yaar’. Netizens are showering praise on the creativity of the police.