Nadda, Gadda, Chadda … Someone like this is coming to the state: CM Mamata Setairu

BJP leaders in West Bengal today accused BJP national president JP Nadda of carrying out a serious attack on a convoy, while BJP leaders said it was an attempt to assassinate JP Nadda. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made interesting remarks in this regard. He said sarcastically that there was no work for them and that once the Home Minister would come, soon Nadda, Gadda, Chadda, Fadda … someone like this would come to the state. It has been criticized that when one comes, the other comes. Of course the crowd in their house would not be large but Eddewa said that was not all the rush their activists were making. Mamata asked Kamal Nath why the attack on Nadda was being carried out as planned and why they could not stop the attack when all the central forces were in the hands of the BJP. “We will tolerate the lies you tell. The police investigation will find out the truth,” Didi clarified. Source