Nagarjuna Super Surprise Gift To Avinash


The nose given the wild card entry continued for 13 weeks as Avinash Strong contestant. As a comedian he succeeded in drawing laughter in the house. King Nagarjuna also enjoys Avinash comedy a lot. So even on the day of the elimination, Avinash imitated every member of the house and laughed heartily. Avinash, who wanted to reach the final as a strong contender, was exceptionally eliminated. There is also a rumor that Avinash was killed just to save Monal.

Nagarjuna gave a surprise gift to the eliminated Avinash. Avinash has recently revealed that. Bigg Boss presents his shirt worn by host Nagarjuna for the show to Avinash as a gift. Nagarjuna came on stage one day wearing a red shirt with a floral design. Avinash in the house, Nag Sir .. said your shirt is very nice. Nagarjuna remembered that and told the organizers not to give the shirt to Avinash after the show ended that day. After leaving the house, Avinash was given the shirt by the Bigg Boss owner.

Avinash, who was interviewed by anchor Srimukhi, said this. Also, Nagarjuna posed for a photo wearing the shirt he gave as a gift. He shared the photo on social media and expressed his happiness. Avinash finds it great that a star like Nagarjuna forgives his wish and gives the shirt as a gift.